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Surgical Tourism

To carry out surgical tourism, our clinics have modern surgery rooms equipped with the most advanced surgical instruments and the latest technological advances that comply with strict hygiene and safety standards and provide total confidence and absolute privacy for personal comfort and respect to The privacy you deserve.

Your transportation from the airport to the Hotel

For your transportation we offer you BMW X5 – MERCEDES BENZ



You will stay in maximum comfort to make your stay your best experience.


consult with Dr Erick Almenarez

The permanent accompaniment of Doctor Erick Almenárez, who is a renowned Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with a wide experience and experience in plastic surgeries.

Dr Erick Almenarez

Tour Bus

In your stay we will take you to know tourist places in Medellín


Appointment with anesthesiologist

The specialist must carry out the necessary studies in your food, exercises and habits in general. As well as the preparation of some studies that will be necessary before performing the procedure.



This is the most important day and therefore our staff will take care of you before, during and after surgery, so that the results of the aesthetic procedure performed by Dr Erick Almenárez are as expected.


One of the main reasons why many people choose Plastic Surgery Center is not only due to the excellent aesthetic results we get, but also to our post-operative care, for which we have high technology equipment and highly trained staff to provide Confidence and security at the height of this procedure.

Spa day

For your recovery, we have relaxation centers for medical evaluation.


Back to Country

After your post operative, we will ensure that your health and your life is out of danger so that you can return to your country, and continue with your daily life, to live a life and the results of your surgery

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