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Laser Lipolysis (Lipolaser)

Laser Lipolysis, also known as Lipolaser, removes subcutaneous fat deposits through suction supported by new laser technology.

Laser Lipolysis is performed with

    • Does not require hospitalization
    • Low risk of bruising and inflammation in the treated area
    • Only local anesthesia

Doctor Erick Almenárez

He is one of the most recognized plastic surgeons of the city of Medellín, has the permits of the health secretariat and other regulators for this procedure

¿What is this procedure?

¿What is SmartLipo?

Laser Lipolysis, also known as Lipolaser, removes subcutaneous fat deposits through suction supported by new laser technology. The goal of the procedure is to obtain an adequate body contour by removing fat deposits located in the arms, back, abdomen, legs and the chin. The procedure is performed by means of minimal incisions that are located in non-visible areas.
The laser breaks the fat cells and therefore facilitates their extraction with less bleeding, less tissue trauma during the surgical procedure, with a faster recovery, less pain, fewer bruises and edema.

Consultation Process for SmartLipo

The consultation lasts about an hour, includes a discussion about your wishes regarding surgery. It will also explain all aspects of the operation, the pros and cons, and most importantly, the concept of realistic expectations regarding the outcome of your post-operative.

Comments from our patients

[lvca_testimonials_slider slideshow_speed=”5000″ animation_speed=”600″][lvca_testimonial_slide]“I feel satisfied and happy with the result, it is what I expected”.


[lvca_testimonials_slider slideshow_speed=”5000″ animation_speed=”600″][lvca_testimonial_slide]“I am very happy with the result and attention of the doctor Erick”.


¿Have you considered a SmartLipo?

• It favors the hardening of the fabric. Treats flaccid or loose skin Minimal edema and bleeding Minimal bruising Causes less trauma.
• the risks are minimal compared to more traditional procedures. Since general anesthesia is not required for these procedures.
• Cure time faster than traditional liposuction.
• Several studies have found that this surgery facilitates the proliferation of skin cells, which increases circulation and reduces the formation of fibrosis, which are reasons for rapid recovery and excellent results.

Recovery for SmartLipo

Recovery of Laser Lipolysis is a vital step for anyone who performs this procedure, respecting this time will be reflected the good results of the surgery. It is important that the person knows that it must generate a change in the daily routine, with the intention that it generates the best results in the shortest possible time.

¿Do you want to have a SmartLipoin Medellín?

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