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Bichectomy (Cheeks Surgery)

The purpose of Cheek Surgery is to improve the features of the face, with the procedure you can achieve outlining the facial structures, highlighting the cheekbones and defining the mandibular ridge generating the illusion of having a slightly longer and thinner face.

Bichectomy is performed with

    • General or local anesthesia
    • Duration: 15 minutes
    • Disability: 3 days according to medical indications

Doctor Erick Almenárez

He is one of the most recognized plastic surgeons of the city of Medellín, has the permits of the health secretariat and other regulators for this procedure

¿What is this procedure?

¿What is Bichectomy?

To reduce the volume in the cheek area and outline the face, an incision is made inside the mouth and the Bichat bags are extracted from each cheek (between 8 and 10 centimeters of adipose tissue), which are fat structures that are located below the cheekbones and on both sides of the face.

Consultation process for bichectomy surgery

From this procedure, the shape of the cheekbones is highlighted and also the mandibular border is defined, where it is important the evaluation of the surgeon depending on each person’s features, as well as giving general aspects of the surgery such as pros and cons. To know the expectations of the patients and agree on mutual goals. Remember that a successful plastic surgery depends on the proper communication and relationship between the patient and the surgeon.

Comments from our patients

[lvca_testimonials_slider slideshow_speed=”5000″ animation_speed=”600″][lvca_testimonial_slide]“I did the bichectomy about a year ago and everything went well. In my family we have big and round cheecks and after the procedure it seems that I lose 10 pounds”.


[lvca_testimonials_slider slideshow_speed=”5000″ animation_speed=”600″][lvca_testimonial_slide]“I definitely don’t regret having this procedure done, it was a way of daring me to fulfill my dreams and the result was wonderful”.


¿Have you considered bichectomy?

For people with a round face or who are interested in highlighting the cheekbones to sharpen their facial features, lengthen their face and balance their traits. It is the opportunity to receive professional guidance and make the right decision based on your expectations and interests. Improving their physical appearance and contributing to their psychological well-being.
Highlight that:
•Bichat bags do not grow back once they are removed.

General Tips Before Bichectomy

Cirugía de Mejillas (Bichectomía)
    • • Refrain from smoking two weeks before the procedure and do not consume alcoholic beverages for 72 hours before the intervention.


    • • Drink plenty of fluids before the surgery.


    • • The night before surgery, wash the buttocks with an antibacterial solution, which will remove germs from the skin that could cause infections.


    • • Sleep properly.


    • • Choose comfortable and loose-fitting clothing, such as button-down garments on the front, elastic pants or wide sweaters.


    • • Bring the results of laboratory analysis such as x-ray and cardiovascular evaluation requested by the surgeon.


    • • It is important that a family member accompanies you before and after surgery.


    • Take medications according to the time and in the recommended doses.

Recovery for bichectomy

Recovery is a vital stage where each person must follow the recommendations and respecting care.
•Eat a liquid diet for the first 24 hours and then eat soft foods for a while.
•Adequate oral hygiene.
•It is normal for one cheek to inflate more than the other and the inflammation will increase post-intervention.
•After 48 hours of the surgery, rinse with water and salt every 12 hours for 5 to 7 days.
•It is important to apply cool offsets for 15 minutes and between 15 to 20 minutes during the first 24 hours.
•On the first night, sleep with two pillows to keep the head slightly higher than usual.
•You should not exercise in the first week.
•The results can be evaluated from 3 to 5 weeks.

¿Do you want to have a Bichectomy in Medellín?

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